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I believe that impactful design is a result of strategic thinking, user-centric methods fueled by empathy, and a holistic foundation of a brand and what connects it to its superfans. 
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As the first impression of this website, out of curiosity, you may wonder about the meaning behind the puzzle pieces. As a strategy and user-centric graphic designer, it's because I design to connect. 


To me, the design process starts like a scattered puzzle. It requires teamwork and a holistic understanding of branding and visual identities to design communication systems that turn something once unseen or ambiguous, concrete and vivid. Collectively, every strategic step—every puzzle piece—connects towards a bigger picture that resonates with an intended audience.


Kelsy is a patient and detail-oriented worker. I had asked her to create a custom website and she produced my vision. She listened to all my needs and ensured they were met, ​and showed me she was genuinely passionate about what she does. Without reservation, I recommend her highly for your technology needs!

Remandeep Sangha,

Competitive Analyst

The response to your design efforts has been very positive and everyone is very pleased with the quality of your work. I’ve worked with several designers and printers over the last 10 years and I must say that your professionalism, patience, and quality of work is that of designers with several years of experience.



Project Development & Communications Advisor at
CUSO International Ethiopia

Kelsy's expertise and experience in Photoshop and design are beyond remarkable. Also, for Castlebrooke's yearbook marketing and design, Kelsy diligently completed each task and mentored team members with the challenges they faced. As she always meets responsibilities to the best of her abilities, Kelsy would be an ideal candidate for any team.



Isha Dade, Immigration &
Citizenship Law Specialist


Through the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD), as both a Student & Provisional RGD, I advocated for the value of strategic, ethical, and inclusive graphic design. Also, I attended events, discussions, and webinars to expand my knowledge of the graphic design industry and current trends while connecting with other designers on the value of design, the design process, and building brand identities.

The International and Toronto Club of Printing House Craftsmen educates, promotes, informs, and connects people in the printing and communications industry. I participated in its annual Graphic Design Challenge competition and was awarded for editorial design, surreal photo composites on cover designs, and expressive typography.

Shutterstock is a premium global marketplace for royalty-free images, videos and music. Check out my photographic works as a Shutterstock Contributor.


Have questions, inquiries, or want to get to know me better? Feel free to reach out and let's start a conversation.

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