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Research & Creative Strategy
Editorial Design


Social Work


Brand Research

Strategy Sessions

SWOT Analysis
Concept Development

Creative Direction
Image Selection & Editing

Working with Brand Identity Guidelines


Kelsy Baloch: Design Team Lead, Strategy, Designer

Tiago Rocha: Ethiopian-Based Illustrations, Research

Mark Valmores, Yumna Gillani, Hanna Ali: Designers

Rebecca Gass & Ruby Pratka: Copywriters

Jessica Cunha: Copy Editor 

Ania Shichkova: Design Team Consultant 

Wendowossen Weldu: Photographer


Cuso International is a development organization that works to reduce poverty and inequality through the efforts of highly skilled volunteers, collaborative partnerships and compassionate donors. They aim to create a “world where all people are able to realize their potential, develop their skills, and participate fully in society” (unit 4 of 29, Orientation to Cuso International).


The intention of this publication was to highlight Cuso Ethiopia’s programs and successes over the past 5 years through the stories of volunteers to encourage others to volunteer with Cuso International (either from Canada or in its south-to-south program). Further, while sharing the publication with possible partners and donors, Cuso wanted to increase brand recognition in Ethiopia and build mutually beneficial partnerships within Ethiopia and Canada.

"We want readers to perceive Cuso International as an inclusive organization committed to sustainable solutions for the communities we work in. We want readers to understand that we are committed and devoted to our skillful volunteers.”

Rebecca Gass, BPR, CYI, MA(c)
Project Development and Communications Advisor - UGIRLS2
Cuso International Ethiopia - Country Program Office

  • Revitalized current typographic standards for Cuso's brochures to create a modernized, bold, and simple typographic system to appeal to younger volunteers

  • Selected and edited photography with an emphasis on maternal and child health (Cuso's focus in their program initiatives) as well as authentic photos of volunteers interacting with Ethiopians

  • Incorporation of modernized patterns and shapes inspired by traditional Ethiopian art and fashion 

  • Bold typographic treatment for the Success by Numbers sections to emphasize the impact of Cuso's initiatives

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