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Selected by Seneca’s Applied Research
and Innovation for Excellence


Integrated Marketing Campaign


Beauty & Wellness


Market Research
Competitive Analysis 
Brand Identity & Strategy 
User Profiling & Experience
Video with Motion Graphics

Point of Purchase
Retail Environment Displays
Product Launch Event Plan

Infographic for Product Launch
Social Media Marketing Plan
Image Selection & Editing 
Copywriting & Messaging


My design team was tasked with the challenge of creating a hypothetical cannabis-based, organic facial therapy brand and product line to put out in the market with a full-fledged integrated marketing campaign. After extensive industry research, strategy, planning, brainstorming, and designing, we created Flora Face. Our primary target audience is young adult women interested in healthy body-image perceptions & ethically-produced, organic beauty products. Overall, the process allowed us to use teamwork as designers and junior brand strategists.

My responsibilities as part of the team are internal and competitive research, brand messaging, user profiling, designing the brand identity manual, the Photoshop artwork for the watercolour-lifestyle imagery, the POP designs, in-store retail display, product launch displays, and experiential concepts. 


For our overall design approach, we created a watercolour-lifestyle theme with flora. The bold, vibrant colours reflect the various natural ingredients in our products and the watercolour motif helps our designs stand out with an expressive, artistic approach compared to typical photography used in beauty ads. Also, the open white space in our brand manual, retail display, and infographic acts as a blank canvas. This reflects our brand keyword “purity”. 

New_Flora Face_kelsy_Underground_Ad_Scre
Flora Face_Brand Identity Standards Guid
flora face mockups on a spread-c.jpg
Flora Face-Value Yourself Shopping Bag_P
flora face display pop full page.jpg
Flora Face_Retail Environment.jpg

This is the final point of purchase for retail environments, which relates to our product launch (the sakura tree and location which is High Park, Toronto), incorporates our watercolour style, and aims to tie in with the idea of flora and natural ingredients with the greenery. 

Flora Face_Digital High Park Survey for

For our #UNMASKED challenge in April, we’ll giveaway sheet mask packages that cater to specific skin types. To receive them, those who come to our launch event participate in a touch screen survey to learn which flora face masks suit them most.

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