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Gotcare is a technology and service platform that provides home care (like bathing, dressing, medication support, and companionship) to Canadians who have been on a waitlist far too long, relieves family burden, and empowers support workers nationwide. Due to the high turnover of frontline support workers and increasing demand, in some cities/towns, only 37% of people in need of care have access to these services. For everyone else, the women of the family are often overburdened, as they take on the job of unpaid caregiving. In some cases, they must leave their paid jobs or uproot their families to places with better access to care.

Gotcare's home care service launched in June 2018. Since then, they've grown a network of over 12,000 frontline support workers across Ontario alone.


How might we provide informal caregivers with timely information and support tools to reduce their stress and frustration, and simultaneously support their own journey of health and well-being?

Informal caregivers* play an integral role in the support network of care recipients. They could be family members or friends. Currently, there are few tools and little support for caregivers to help them manage themselves, and in the long run, it can take a toll on their own personal health, emotions and well-being.

These are action-oriented solutions that are cost-effective and can be immediately implemented as part of their communication strategies with informal caregivers. They are based on primary pain points, stakeholder research, and interviews:
  1. Calendar Companion (increases adaptable schedule transparency for patients)

  2. Caregiver Support Group (increases sense of community for caregivers)

  3. Automated Texts for Gotcare's SMS system (reduces stress/anxiety/frustration)

To learn the process & details of each solution, please view the PDF presentation.

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