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Uniqlo is more than just a clothing brand. But a way of thinking. A steady consciousness of constant change, diversity, and the challenging of conventions” ( Founded in Japan, Uniqlo is a clothing manufacturing company with a reputation for high-quality and moderately-priced clothes. As it's fairly new to the Canadian market, Uniqlo’s competing with several established apparel brands with brand-loyal customers. While Uniqlo has been gaining momentum, it lacks brand recognition, which is partly because of the brand’s universal clothing style compared to label-oriented fashion brands. My goal as a designer was to learn how to help Uniqlo achieve its goal to create a virtuous cycle to “attract new UNIQLO fans in new store location areas, who will then also start purchasing UNIQLO items online” (UNIQLO Business Strategy North America 2020). 


This campaign capitalizes on Uniqlo’s anonymity, making it its strength. The close-up imagery and tagline emotionally connect with viewers with the concept that wearers are more than a brand and the stereotypes addressed to them—whether it be about beauty, gender, race, or religion. Hence, rather than the focus being on universal clothing styles, the focus of each ad is on the individual and message, which directly correlates to Uniqlo's brand values, like challenging conventions and diversity.


To attract new UNIQLO fans to new store location areas, an experiential marketing component of the campaign, an event called Beyond the Label, will take place at Vaughan Mills (Uniqlo’s largest Canadian store location). Using tablets, customers can compose their thoughts on stereotypes that will project on a wall for all to see, creating a venue for empowering personal expression. When participants enter the enclosed space, they can view videos of spoken word performances regarding social labels and share their experiences with #beyondthelabel, which can also direct prospective buyers to UNIQLO's online store.

1-Uniqlo box with writing outside.jpg
2-write ups.jpg
Beyond the Lab Back
Beyond the Lab Inside
uniqlo subway.jpg
Bus Stop Billboard MockUp-new rgb.jpg
IG mockup uniqlo.png

The photo in the social media post was taken and edited by me featuring my friend Hanna Ali as a model. In the following video, I created the storyboard, script, recorded the audio and visuals, and edited the video. The video advertisements, which is an extension of the print campaign, will be placed on social media sites like YouTube and Instagram since the core audience engages with those platforms regularly.

Credits: The existing Uniqlo logo was not designed by me. Also, the photography that was not shot by me (as indicated with the embedded credits) was provided by under a Creative Commons License, and they were later colour corrected and cropped on Photoshop to look cohesive as a series of close up shots.

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